Sunday, September 20, 2015

Journey by foot, Česká republika (CZ), 22 August - 3 September, 2015

The Route: Vlaha/Magyarfenes (RO) - London (UK)

I represented Romania in London at the Cultural Olympiad (2012), that accompanied the 2012 Summer Olympics and Summer Paralympics. My Nature in the City project was selected by the Romanian Cultural Institute after a project competition. This is how my giant dimensioned: Time Spiral hay sculpture, funded by Romanian Cultural Institute, was placed in Pleasure Gardens, shortly after the sculpture was transported there, the place was closed, so this sculpture has never been seen by anyone. Nowadays it is still there, locked behind the Pleasure Gardens gates grids. I made two other hay sculptures, funded myself, which were placed on Victoria Parks lake. This sculptures are still there, they became one of the most important symbols of the park, but unfortunately no one knows, who the artist is, what is their title or what project’s part are they, because they didn’t get a plaque with these information for 3 years. 
On 18 July 2015 I started a journey of 2025 km by foot, a journey of love for art, freedom and justice to free and present my locked sculpture from Pleasure Gardens and to put the missing information for the other two in Victoria Park. 
Ildikó Bács film director accompanies me during my journey.

Day 36 - 43

Ceske Velenice

Nové Hrady - Trhové Sviny - Česke Budějovice

Česke Budějovice  - Cesnovice

Cesnovice (reasting day)
Day 40 - almost 900 km

Cesnovice - Vodany - Strakovice
Hosts: Jakub Schmitt, Tereza Svojgrova, Filip Marek

Host: Marketa Mrazova

Rabi - Susice

Susice - Klatovy

Klatovy - Horsovsky Tyn

Horsovsky Tyn - Bělá nad Radbuzou - Železná Ruda

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